Biodegradable, safe and effective remediation treatments for oil and fuel spills for your home and business

OilRid waterless remediation products

OILRID Powder & Liquid

OilRid powder and two step liquids are a waterless alternative for cleaning oil and fuel spills. For spills on any type of surface, including water, our powder works to absorb the oil making it easy to remove from the surface as a solid object, giving you the perfect waterless remediation treatment.

Our two step liquid eliminates the stain and smell of oil on contact. By asorbing the oil and converting to a fine non-hazardous silica sand like consistancy, clean up is as simple as sweeping away the non-hazardous dry residue. For soil and other types of loose surface, apply the two step liquid and leave the non-hazardous silica sand in the soil.


A light, quick and completely absorbent treatment for application to any pooling or puddled oil spill. On hard surfaces apply power directly to the spill. With a rapid absorption rate and capacity, a spill is instantly transformed into a solid that is environmentally safe to dispose of.

When applied to spills on water, the powder floats and rapidly absorbs any hydrocarbon spill. EPA listed environmentally safe, the absorbed spill floats as a solid and is easily removed from the spill site. Available in 0.5 and 1 kg sizes.

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OilRid powder
OilRid two-step liquid

2 Step Liquid

Step 1 liquid is applied to any spill to remove the spilled liquid. Spills are absorbed into the liquid and dry into a non-hazardous silica powder or sand. This is safe to leave on site or is easily swept or washed away.

Step 2 liquid is applied immediately after in the same ratio to treat stains and odours which are killed on contact. Spills and stains are pulled out of almost any surface. Available individually in 1 litre sizes.

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How to use OilRid

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